Like the rest of the world, individuals on the autism spectrum are at risk for developing a range of psychological challenges that include depression, social anxiety, and obsessive compulsive disorder, to name a few. Unfortunately, there are additional challenges that those on the spectrum present with, however, that often make them even more susceptible to these psychological challenges. Fortunately, the treatment protocols for individuals on the spectrum are highly comparable and simply require some autism-specific modifications. 

At Spectrum Works, we have built a team of clinical specialists that have training and experience in providing evidence-based treatments for those psychological challenges most often encountered by those on the spectrum.

Needs and Strengths Identification

We help individuals identify their skills, as well as areas in which they need support.

Workplace Wellness Planning

We can provide individuals with a plan for ensuring workplace success and relevant support.

Diagnostic Assessment

This service is for those who suspect that they may fit somewhere on the Autism Spectrum. An ASD assessment follows a prescribed series of interviews and observational assessments that allows the clinician to definitively assess for the presence of an ASD. When possible, these assessments will collect auxiliary data from parents, employers, or loved ones.

Psychoeducational Assessment

This assessment examines the cognitive and learning styles of the individual in an attempt to better understand strengths and weaknesses in thinking style, approach to tasks, problem-solving, executive functioning and intelligence.

Therapeutic Support

Many individuals on the spectrum struggle with a number of co-occurring mental health issues and can greatly benefit from therapeutic interventions. These can help examine issues related to depression, anxiety, social phobias, family/workplace stressors or help with social skills.

Social Competence Training

The social competence of many individuals on the spectrum can be an area of significant concern at the workplace. Challenges related to poor perspective-taking, emotional regulation, and understanding of social rules/norms have all been linked to ASD. We offer a number of social competence supports that can involve one-on-one or group experiences. The intent of these sessions is to work on a combination of social understanding and social skills that are applicable to the workplace.

Executive Functioning Coaching

Individuals on the spectrum can present with a number of executive and planning challenges. Executive functioning (EF) involves a number of frontal lobe regions in the brain that help to monitor behaviours and regulate attention, planning, organization, working memory and shifting thinking sets. We have developed a specialized program that helps individuals with ASD understand their EF challenges and develop meaningful strategies to lessen the impact of EF on the job.

Wellness Groups

Clinician-supported therapeutic groups for adults on the spectrum. We cover a number of important areas that include: emotional regulation, depression, anxiety, stress-management, executive functioning. These are closed groups and will be running at different periods throughout the year.

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