Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation with you or your organization, we aim to understand the strengths and needs of your particular work environment and team. We work with you to identify the key issues you want to address and design a consultation format to best serve your organization, in general, and/or your individual needs, specifically.

Determining Service Needs

Once we understand your specific situation through the initial consultation, we will initiate the process of matching our professionals on staff to your file. Often there are a number of overlapping and related issues that necessitate a team approach. In the past, for example, we have had Lawyers and Psychologists working collaboratively to resolve employer/employee concerns or Occupational Therapists and Psychologists providing a coordinated approach to employee personal development and psychological support.

Targeted Intervention and Support

We will then provide an outline of potential services that are best suited to your needs; for example psychoeducational or diagnostic assessment, consultation, tailored education for staff, etc. along with an estimate of costs and time requirements to help you with planning and budgeting.

Follow up

Following the completion of our services, we conduct a follow-up meeting to  identify the impact of interventions and support and determine next steps.


At all points along this process, we strongly encourage and invite direct feedback from you to our team to inform the service and support approaches ongoing.

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