With 1 out of 68 people falling somewhere on the Autism Spectrum, there is a large number of potential employees with ASD. However, individuals with ASD are vastly under- or unemployed. While there are a number of key factors related to the diagnosis itself, there are a number of significant barriers in place related to the current employment system.

Our Occupational Wellness services help individuals with ASD leverage strengths and identify how to improve skillsets needed to advance in the workplace.

Brief Vocational Assessment

This assessment is for individuals who would like to learn more about possible vocational pathways they may be suited towards through the exploration of their interests, personality, strengths and challenges within the context of their environment. This assessment includes an interview, career interest, personality, and values assessments, along with a recommended vocational plan.

Full Vocational Assessment

This type of assessment is for individuals who would like help with career exploration and development. We work to uncover a greater understanding of their interests, personality, aptitudes, strengths and challenges within the context of their environment. This assessment includes an interview, career interest, personality and values assessments, along with emotional functioning and comprehensive aptitude testing. Recommendations regarding a step-by-step, individualized vocational plan, and workplace or school accommodations, if needed, are included.

Wellness Coaching

This plan is for individuals who feel their mental wellness has impacted their ability to be successful in work or school. The individual may be currently working (paid or unpaid) or in school or may be preparing to start work or school. This coaching is based on client need and may include: anxiety and stress management skill building, disclosure/accommodation set and an individualized wellness plan.

Career Exploration Coaching

This type of service is ideal for individuals who would like one-on-one support and guidance in their career exploration. This type of coaching is individualized based on the results of a vocational assessment and may include: support with researching a suitable career, training and/or school options and support with developing.

Supported Employment

This service is meant for individuals who are currently working (paid or unpaid) and need help achieving success in the workplace. This one-on-one support may be behind the scenes or may include collaboration with the employer. This service is designed to work with the individual in a number of potential ways to support: problem solving and communication at the workplace, conflict resolution at the workplace, and time management. Regular check-ins (phone call, email, or in person) will be available. Other services may include disclosure/accommodation set up at the workplace and check-in with employer.

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