Helping the ‘High-But-Not-Too-High’ Functioning Individuals with ASD in the Workplace

This blog will focus on the least supported group of individuals with ASD. Individuals that are seen to be lower functioning (i.e., low IQ) are often placed in supported work environment while those that are very high functioning are finding work in a number of niche markets (e.g., IT). The third group, the highbut-not-too-high functioning group, in contrast, are poorly served and underrepresented in employment placements.

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ASD Traits We Could All Use

While many treatment protocols and supports for individuals with ASD are geared to reduce symptoms–to help them ‘fit in’ to society–it is important to note that there are many ASD symptoms that could (and should) be adopted by the larger society. Listed below are some general traits that have been associated with ASD and that we […]

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Managing Employees On the Autism Spectrum: A Fictional Example

We previously talked about what to do if you think an employee may be on the Autism Spectrum and, related to this, one trend I’ve seen over the last few years is a sharp increase in requests to intervene on the behalf of clients in the workforce. A Fictional Example: Simon Simon’s employer contacted my […]

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